Rachel Pupazzoni


Rachel has more than 10 years experience creating radio.  Here are some more recent examples of stories for the ABC’s Radio Current Affairs team which reports for AM, PM and The World Today.  Click the links below to reach the ABC page where you can listen to the audio.  You can find more by searching Rachel Pupazzoni on the shows’ websites.

Collaroy Storm: Beachfront properties in Collaroy have been damaged by eight metre waves which swept over the beach and on to the main road.

UN Paris Agreement signing: Australia will join more than 160 other nations in New York tomorrow in signing the Paris agreement on climate change.

Kids don’t get enough pre school education:  New analysis shows many young children in Australia are not getting enough pre-school education.

Internal bleeding tourniquet:  A new way to stop people bleeding to death could save thousands of lives on foreign battlefields, and eventually at home in peacetime.

Coral bleaching in WA:  With more than half the Great Barrier Reef damaged by coral bleaching, now similar scenes of devastation are occurring on the other side of the country.

David Page Obituary : The music director of Indigenous dance company, Bangarra Dance Theatre has died unexpectedly.

Prince Obituary:  An eccentric, multi-instrumentalist composer, creator of a string of massive hits, who, even without all those other qualities, would have been remembered as one of the greatest lead guitarists of all time.  Prince has died at the age of 57.

Appin Massacre exhibition:  Now to an art exhibition that, unusually, has been inspired by the massacre of Aboriginal Australians.

Christoph von Dohnanyi The 86-year-old is hailed as one of the world’s most exciting conductors.