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Adelaide: How to put on 2kgs in 4 days

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I’m sure you know that feeling after a holiday.  The world seems like a wonderful place, those annoyances at work don’t seem so annoying anymore, the sky is bluer and everything tastes sweeter.  For about 6 hours after you get back.

So the happy post holiday feeling has pretty much worn off and now I have those lovely memories to file away forever.  (And some tough sessions at the gym to work off the extra kgs)  Here are some of the highlights of my recent trip to Adelaide.

Jam Face:

I’m a huge Poh fan.  So naturally the first stop was her cafe at the Adelaide Central Markets.  She was there!  Oh the excitement. I took a lame I’m-not-taking-a-photo, photo of her.  Then ignored my lactose intollerance and dug into a milly filly.  Heaven!


Poh’s Milly Filly!


We hired a car and drove the 30 or so minutes to Germany.  Well not really Germany, obviously, but a sweet little town pretending to be plucked from Germany and dropped in South Australia.  A stroll down the high street took us to bakeries, candle shops, sweet treats shops, German tourist stuff shops and a bunch of pubs and places to eat.  We settled on The Haus Handorf.  The pork belly and beef cheek were suitably rich and filling.  A quick stop for a candle on the way back to the car and we were back on the road.


German merchandise as far as the shelves can contain it.


Sugar anyone?


Lunch at The Haus

Windy Point Cafe:

A high vantage gives diners – like us – at this restaurant or cafe (we opted for the cafe) a spectacular view of the city at night with lights twinkling in the distance.  Oysters were a must (hello, South Australia!) and they were delish. So we ordered more.  A little weird though that they came in serves of 5 or 10, not the standard dozen or half dozen.  Is that an SA thing?


Oysters at Windy Point


The best way to visit any wine region is with someone else driving.  So that’s what we did.  It pays to have good friends.  We visited Seppelt Winery and tried the sparkling Shiraz (let’s be honest, we tried more than that).  Cue photo session among vineyards on the way back to the car.  Penfolds cellar door was a fun spot.  Lots of tastings (it costs $10 to taste, so obviously you’ll be like us and get your money’s worth).  Last stop was Yalumba.  Our driver (actually our friend Hugo) is a regular there.  The staff recognised him.  So we felt very VIP when we were given numerous wines to taste that were not on the standard list. It worked.  I spent $100 on 2 bottles of wine. (FYI – that’s not my normal budget).  Last stop was what we’d been promised months earlier – the best pizza in Australia at the Roaring 40’s cafe.  It was good. But I had been drinking so anything would have been good.  I would not call it the best pizza in Australia though.


Barossa vineyard


My pick of the Penfolds


The terrace at Yalumba

McLaren Vale:

We joined some more friends in the Vale for a very long table lunch at d’Arry’s Verandah Restaurant.  20+ adults and 6 kids under the age of 4.  Just think about how that could have turned out.  But actually it was great. Canapes were served to us on the lawn (arancini and bruschetta) with more at the long white cloth-covered table (stuffed olives and bread) I chose the lobster and crab ravioli entrée (to die for!) and Salmon for main. Roasted vegetables and salads spread along the table ensured I was full to the brim.  Out on the verandah we were served dessert.  I inhaled the chocolate ice-cream/chocolate fondant serving.  Hello deliciousness!  A massive photo was taken of us all.  I’m looking forward to seeing it.


The view from our long table lunch


A dessert fit for a chocolate lover like me!

Rundle Mall:

To be honest, my main priority about our final day in Adelaide was a visit to Haighs.  Rest assured we bought half the shop while we were there.  I’m not even home a week and one packet is already gone.  Yes, there are plenty of Haighs shops in Sydney and I am a regular visitor, but come on, when on holiday…

Osteria Oggi:

We ate our last lunch at Osteria Oggi thanks to a recommendation from my friend and food writer Max Veenhuyzen (on Instagram as @maxveenhuyzen – look him up).  It was the best meal I’ve had in a long time.  A great decor and perfectly attentative service.  We shared grilled squid for entrée.  Yum!  Main was a couple of pasta dishes with sausage and crab.  Add a glass of crisp white wine or a G&T and you’ve got a couple of very happy customers.


Osteria Oggi grilled squid


Sausage and fennel pasta at Osteria Oggi


Crab and corn past at Osteria Oggi

Four days of overeating and drinking was definitely enough. Thanks for a great visit Adelaide.  Muchas gracias also to our hosts Hugo and Natalia.


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