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Review: Tragédie

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I saw Olivier Dubois’ Tragédie the other day.  I was an invited guest at the 100th performance. It was lovely to be invited.

It’s billed as ‘A meticulously constructed minimalist work that brings together women and men in a chorus of hypnotically repetitive movements backed by a pounding bass.’

What that little précis doesn’t mention is the  n u d i t y.

My friend who came with me said at the end of the 90 minute performance, “that was an assault on all my senses”.  I have to agree

I really want to keep this website positive, so I’m reluctantly writing this review – because I didn’t like it.

So, some positives:

The dancers performed non stop for 90 minutes. That’s very impressive.

Mostly the lighting concept was really nice. (But not the strobe lighting)

Some people liked it because they gave a standing ovation.

My favourite bit was when the dancers came out for the curtain call – dressed. They actually looked more attractive with a little bit of clothing on.

If you like nudity, marching, incessant beats and strobe lighting, this show is for you.

If you don’t, it’s not.


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