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Eat: A short restaurant review

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Have you been to Bistro Gavroche? Hands down, it’s the best meal I’ve eaten in a while.

I have a special place in my heart for French food. So special, I attempt to ignore my food intolerances and eat until my heart’s content!

I stumbled upon BG last weekend after cocktails at The Old Clare with some lovely ladies from work. We went up the stark, office like stairs and found ourselves transported to a little bistro that could happily sit in the centre of Montmartre. 

We sipped a delicious French Sauvignon Blanc-Viognier while we waited for a table. The wine wasn’t our first choice, but the South Australian wine we chose (because it was the cheapest at $55 – we work at the ABC ok guys!) was sold out. Lucky it was, because the $60 French we had instead was delish!

A delicious drop

Once seated we were brought bread. Delicious French baguette with chilled salted butter. I could have feasted on that all night. No one does this simple combo better than the French. 
But the menu called us. 

Naturally, we started with the charcuterie board. Our SBV pretty much demanded we get it. ($28)

It was everything you’d expect. Terrine, a selection of meats, cornichons and more. Oh, and another basket of bread thanks!

You must start your meal with this

Choosing my main was a little harder (refer to earlier mentioned food intolerances, cream is not a good idea, even if I’m living dangerously). I settled on Onglet a l’echalotte et pommies Lyonnaises. Holy moly it was melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness.  Eating the
beautifully medium rare cooked meat took me right back to the steaks I had in South America a couple of years ago. I would highly recommend this dish. ($37)

This photo does not do my main justice

My dining buddies also had delicious meals. 

Selle d’agneau ‘Bultarra’ et legumes racines ($35)

Entrecote frites, sauce Bearnaise ($45)

Of course, who dines at an incredible French restaurant and skips dessert?  Not us!!  Trois suzette crepe s’il vous plaît.
Totally worth the $15 each for a bit of flambé, Grand Marnier, and flour. 

Warming up


Flambè x 3!

We were stuffed. Three very happy, full bellied ladies. 
Before the bill was brought out, a tray of freshly baked madeleines shimmied by, ready for the taking. What a way to end a perfect meal!

Gold pillows of cake goodness

The service at BG was impeccable. All the staff were French, of course. Our wine glasses were never empty, neither was the bread basket. Everyone came to check on us to make sure we were having a great night. We were really made to feel at home. 

I could not fault Bistro Gavroche. 


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I'm a journalist living in Sydney.

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