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Ever since posting about the yellow door, I keep seeing great front doors around the place.

Today this gorgeous blue one caught my eye.

Blue is the colour of calm. Like the ocean, which can be so many different shades of blue. Also like the sky. Which I love the most when all I can see is vibrant blue when I look up. A crystal clear cloudless sky.  It’s especially satisfying if you’re lying on green grass.

The blue of this door is calm. But also joy. It’s a bit cheeky. It’s a lot of fun. Most of all, it’s mysterious. What kind of person paints their front door this colour blue?  I love it.


In fact, the house I grew up in had a blue front door.  It was more of a grey blue though, not the vibrant, bold blue of this door.


As an update to my yellow post, I’ve now seen two other brightly painted yellow doors on my strolls. It seems there are a few of us out there who love a bright front door.

Please let me know if you’ve seen any great front doors lately!


Author: rachelpupazzoni

I'm a journalist living in Sydney.

4 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Hello Rachel. I found you doing a tag search for doors.
    I run a weekly feature on my blog called Thursday Doors where folks from all over get together each week to share their favourite door photos.
    Please feel free to swing by and add this post to this week’s link-up list (look for the blue button in my post) and come check out what the others are sharing. Cheers 🙂

  2. I had several Blue doors in a house I built including a giant garage door they were more of a French Blue though.
    I loved the colour

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