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No, not me.  My website.  What started as an exciting project when I moved to Sydney, soon became something I rarely looked at.  It’s time to give this baby a facelift.

If you’ve been here before hopefully you’ll notice a few changes.  Also, hopefully you’ll come back again soon.

This is a website for me to post examples of my work.  You can see links in the drop down menu on the top right hand corner of the page. But also, and perhaps, just maybe, more interesting, is my blog.  Which I intend to get more active with.  You’ll see from old posts I’ve written about little adventures I’ve been on and some interesting things from my work. I’ll keep those themes going, plus also add a few more things, such as reviews of activities I’ve done or shows I’ve seen.

Since this is my first post in a while, I thought I’d show you around work.  This month I’ve been working as the late night presenter at ABC News 24, with a few cameo’s on Midday and the Perth 7pm news bulletins.

So, here’s a tour of the ABC News 24 studio.


Did you know the public can walk into the foyer of the ABC in Ultimo in Sydney and peer through this glass window at the ABC News 24 studio?


The entrance to the ABC News 24 newsroom.


You’ll see lots of screens in here.


This is my desk for tonight’s shift.  We hot desk here, so our desk for the day depends on what shift we’re on.  In the evenings we’re not staffed as strongly as during the day, so the late presenter often has a couple of desks to choose from.


Welcome inside the ABC News 24 studio.


Here’s the view from the presenter’s chair.  You’ll notice lots of clocks.  The analogue clocks and the digital clock are all perfectly set to the second.  In this business, every second really does count.  There’s also a whole bunch of bright lights shining in your eyes, coming at you from all directions.  Finally three cameras point at you.  In this shot you can see camera 2 pointing directly at you – can you see the words on the auto cue?  Camera three is on its side near the digital clock.


Here’s a closer view of camera two.  The auto cue is the big box with the script.  Presenters read off that screen.  Behind the screen is the camera lens.  Below it is a monitor which shows the program.


This is Max, one of our auto cue operators.  They roll the words on the screen for the presenters to read.  They roll faster or slower depending on our reading pace.  It’s a critical job, because if we don’t have the words on the screen, presenters need to ad lib or try to read the scripts off our computer screen which is buried into the news desk.  As a viewer, sometimes you can probably tell when there’s a problem with the auto cue.


This is the control room.  This position is where the first director sits.  Yes, they have all those screens to look at as they put the bulletin to air.  The director chooses the camera, frames the presenter and presses play for each item.  They give constant cues to the presenter who’s wearing a small earpiece.  The director’s voice is a presenter’s security blanket.  There are a few more clocks in here too!


Here’s a shot of Jarryd who was my first director tonight.  Aaron is to his right as the second director.  A presenter puts their utmost trust in a director each time the red ‘live’ light goes on.  They do lots of technical things, most of which I don’t know much about.


This is where the line up producer sits in the control room.  They choose what stories go into the bulletin and in what order.  They’re also responsible for checking scripts to make sure they’re up to date, accurate and make sense.  They also make editorial decisions while we’re live on air.


Here’s one of the wardrobes at work.  Some presenters keep their clothes at home, but I prefer to keep my work jackets at work.  I like separating my work life and personal life that way.  At the ABC we buy all our own clothes.  We don’t have stylists.


This is the makeup desk in the ABC News 24 newsroom where presenters can do last minute touch ups before going on air.

There are a lot more people who work to put each bulletin to air.  The shift leader, producers, screen producers, guest bookers, editors, sub editors, executive producers and the ABC’s vast pool of reporters around Australia and the world.

I hope you enjoyed this little guided tour.


** All photos taken on an iPhone 6s.



Author: rachelpupazzoni

I'm a journalist living in Sydney.

5 thoughts on “Facelift

  1. Rachel thanks for the tour. You need to get yourself a clothing sponsor. So at the end of the program the credits can read something other than: ‘Rachel dressed by herself!’

    • I wish Paul 🙂 Being the ABC though, we can’t accept sponsorship or gifts. Thanks for reading!

      • Well if it helps Rachel you always look stunning.
        Surely the ABC can lighten up sometime in the next next 100 years? You are owned by the Govt who take every gift or sponsorship that can rort.
        In the mean time keep buying your own clothes.
        Thanks again for the tour.

  2. Hi Rachel, That was quite interesting to see the reverse view from the presenters perspective. How long will you be filling in late night, until Kathryn returns?

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