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A Day at the Beach

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I’ve been living in Sydney since August and until now I hadn’t been to the beach.  You know that world famous beach called Bondi. Yep, that one.  I have no real excuse…. I’ve had the opportunity but never went.  Until five days ago.  Some dear friends from Perth were in town staying with another former Perthite… so a day at the beach was arranged.

Now you will know from my last post that I love my neighbourhood – I think I live in a great place.  But let me tell you, it’s not great for getting to the beach.  The first bus I needed to take just never came.  My fellow public transport travellers and I waited and waited at the bus stop for 20 minutes.  I’m starting to learn why Sydneysiders think the public transport system here is so terrible.  That bus took me into the city then it was a short walk through Martin Place to catch a second bus.  Thankfully the wait this time was only 10 minutes… but we still managed to gain extra time when the bus driver decided to pull over and get out mid-journey. There was no word to his passengers about what he was doing.  We all sat there for about 15 minutes…. Like sheep…. Knowing we weren’t going anywhere but too shy to ask each other what was going on.  Finally another bus driver hopped on, and again without a word, just continued driving us to Bondi.  Weird right?

The bus finally arrived

80 minutes after walking out of my apartment I arrived at Bondi.  Now THIS is why I’ve only made one trip to the beach.  80 minutes!!!!  I miss the days in Perth when I could walk to the beach from my house (I still often drove though!).

All was quickly forgotten when my friends arrived.  Bondi was great.  It’s such a huge beach and it didn’t feel crowded at all… it was a Monday though… so the weekend could be an entirely different experience!  The water was freezingly refreshing… you know that feeling when your heart could burst out of your chest and your arms and legs are numb because it’s so cold?  It was like that.  But the ocean does something … it enlivens you.

Beautiful Bondi

It really is quite a beach…(but I still love WA beaches!)

We both look pregnant in this photo – but only Helen is.

No trip to Bondi would be complete without a visit to the famous Icebergs clubrooms for lunch.  It was a small miracle we were even allowed in.  Despite not being members, not living in the area, not coming often and wearing thongs… the maître de let us in…  It must have been a slow day for them.

This is not something you see in WA. It’s very cool. That’s Icebergs to the right.

What more could a person want?

Walking between the beaches here seems to be ‘what you do’ so we set off from Bondi heading south.  The walk was made all the more beautiful by the Sculptures by the Sea display (it is shown in Perth in a few months at Cottesloe).  You can see the path we walked by going to this link.  http://bonditocoogeewalk.com.au/  We walked along Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte, Clovelly and Coogee.

Getting among the sculptures.

Spot the human statue.

Life imitating art.

Colour everywhere.

Peering inside one of my favourite sculptures.

When we finally arrived at Coogee Beach we made our way to the ice cream shop before settling on the beach to solve the world’s problems and learn about seagulls.  We drove the last leg to make it to Maroubra Beach for a drink at the pub before dinner.  The day ended when I arrived home about 11pm…. 14 hours after I left my apartment.  Now that’s a day at the beach!

I think this is Clovelly….with a concrete beach.

Reward time.

Coogee Beach.

All photos were taken on my iPhone.  That fuzzy salty look is not an effect, but the salt from the beach on the lens… makes you feel like you’re there doesn’t it?

Thanks so much for reading and please come back again!



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I'm a journalist living in Sydney.

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