Rachel Pupazzoni

Exploring My Neighbourhood


I’m so lucky to live in the neighbourhood I do.  It’s a great location, right on the water, an easy stroll into the CBD and a decent walk to work.  What’s also great about my neighbourhood are the many walking paths throughout the suburb.  Every corner opens up to another amazing view.  I love to explore my new home.  Every time I take a walk I find something new and beautiful.

Sydney Harbour from my neighbourhood

The other day, after an unsuccessful visit to the two local supermarkets, I decided to just keep walking.  I found some amazing parks and gardens.  My home suburb is filled with beautiful public open spaces.

The area I live is an older part of Sydney that used to be an industrial area – the well known CSR sugar company used to have its factories here.  Now it’s filled with beautiful modern apartments and old townhouses.  But scattered throughout are monuments to the area’s heritage.  Massive rocks carved out of the quarries, beautiful old wooden pylons from years gone by and of course classic buildings and churches stuck in time.  I hope to create individual posts about some of these more interesting monuments… so check back for those!

Relaxing by the water

Walking throughout my home suburb gives me such a sense of calm and contentment.  I find it’s often the simplest things that can give you a sense of joy… if you let go and allow it to.  I hope my posts will show that trend… that finding joy, peace and happiness can be easy, if you allow it in.

I’ve included some of the snaps I took on my most recent walk through my neighbourhood.  I hope you think they are as beautiful as I do.  (All were taken with my iPhone).

The ANZAC Bridge

Evidence of the old quarries

A children’s community garden

A house carved into the rock

What do you see when you walk around your community?

Thanks for visiting.  Come back soon!



Author: rachelpupazzoni

I'm a journalist living in Sydney.

2 thoughts on “Exploring My Neighbourhood

  1. Loving your perspective in more ways than one!

  2. Hey cuz. Nice pics.nice suburb. Thanks for letting us know how things are

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